Why Red Apple.

Making your vision a reality through better management of resources.

The Red Apple

We are charter school people—it shows in how we care about your business decisions. We are charter school founders; our kids attend charter schools.

We manage the business of charters schools with the same spirit and passion as those who create them.

Our Philosophy is Unique.

Our mission is to ensure your school has the resources it needs to make your vision a reality. We will give you confidence in your financial future and take away the heavy burdens of financial reporting and management.


Autonomy is important.

We are not a management company. Although we share best practices with your team, you will have the freedom to customize solutions to match your school's philosophy and mission.


Information at your fingertips.

When you have the right tools and information, you can manage well. Our reports and systems will empower your school's administrative team to better manage its resources.


An entire team of professionals & experts.

Red Apple will cost about what you would pay for a qualified in-house professional, but will give you the benefit of accessing an entire team of charter school financial experts.

The Red Apple Difference

More money.
More resources.

We become part of your team.

Many consider us family. We have moved furniture, cooked at school barbecues, sat in dunk tanks and spent hours counseling with clients, whom we consider our friends

We hire the right people.

Not just the kind you would want handling your finances, but also the kind you can trust. You’ll find us fitting in quickly.

Our team is truly a team.

Our business managers work together everyday. Collaboration and best practice sharing happens naturally .

Our team is well-qualified.

Our staff is well qualified. On our team you will find CPAs, attorneys, MBAs, Masters in Accounting, Masters in Public Admin, and more.

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Charter school finance grows more complex each year. In-house book keeping is no longer sufficient.

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Having an expert manage your school's finances will create more resources and funding for school programs.

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Joining the Red Apple network will give you access to best practices in charter business management across the nation.

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Red Apple can help your school improve budget surpluses, increase control, have confidence in your finances and maintain accurate and up-to-date information needed to manage better.

An invitation.


I invite you to call any of our client schools.
Find out how Red Apple is working for them.

Jeff Biesinger, New Client Relations

I would like to personally invite you to try Red Apple! In a few calls to any of our schools, you will become convinced that our model works. 

I'd love to get to know your school better. You are welcome to use my mobile phone if you have any questions. Give me a call at (801) 391-7426, or send me a personal email at jeff@redapplefinance.com. I look forward to hearing from you.