Helping your school's vision become a reality.

Charter school finance grows more complex each year. In-house book keeping is no longer sufficient. Having an expert manage your school's finances will create more resources and funding for school programs.

Why Red Apple

Managing charters schools with the same spirit and passion as those who create them.

Red Apple can help your school Improve budget surpluses, increase control, have confidence in your finances and maintain accurate and up-to-date information needed to manage better.

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Business Services

We fill the role of business manager—with expertise in accounting, advocacy, AP, AR, budgeting, compliance, financial analysis, payroll, reporting, restricted fund management, and treasury.

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School Development

We are experts in bonding, bridge loans, expansions, new buildings, project management, start-up, and USDA financing.

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School Project Mangement

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Making your vision a reality through better management of resources.

Joining the Red Apple network will give you access to best practices in charter business management across the nation.

More money. More resources.

We manage the business of charters schools with the same spirit and passion as those who create them.

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Our philosophy is unique.

We are charter school people—we are charter school founders, and our kids attend charter schools. Our mission is to ensure your school has the resources it needs to make your vision a reality. 

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An invitation—talk to our schools!

We invite you to try Red Apple! In only a few calls to any of our schools, you will become convinced that our model works.

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