Our Vision

Personalizing business services and financial analysis to meet your school's needs.

The mission of Red Apple is to provide the most personalized Business Services and Financial Analysis to charter schools who value autonomy. We remove the heavy accounting and financial management burdens from school administrators, allowing them to focus on their students and their vision.




We are committed to Personal Integrity.  That means every member of our team can be trusted.  We value honesty.  You can expect the refreshing truth from us, no hidden agendas.   This is not something we learn as we go along, this is something we are.  We hire only staff that fit that model.  At a time in history when society places little value on character, Red Apple makes character and personal integrity one of its highest priorities.




We hire well qualified professionals and put them through ongoing rigorous training .  Weekly staff meetings and consistent industry updates keep us on the cutting edge of any changes that may impact your school’s finances.  We hire CPA's, attorneys and masters in accountancy, public administrators, finance and business experts.



Real people

You will find our business managers to be friendly and responsive.  We are the kind of people you want to hang out with.  The kind with common sense as well as expertise.  Relationships matter.  We are real and genuine.   Face-to-Face is always the best way.   We work to understand  your school’s mission.  This makes us better at our job.  And it’s fun.